Knitting Patterns

Knitting Patterns

by Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels

Knitting Patterns by Liz @PurlsAndPixelsHere, you will find all of my free knitting patterns and my deluxe knitting patterns in one place. From hats and mittens to blankets and washcloths, you can find the perfect pattern for your project.

My free patterns offer simple instructions to help you craft basic knitwear and household items in one or two sizes. 

My deluxe patterns offer either a wide variety of sizes in each pattern or a more intricate knitting design. All of my knitting patterns provide clear and simple row-by-row instructions to help you make your own knitwear. The more complex patterns also include knitting charts.

While all of my patterns offer suggestions for yarn brands that will work well for the item, you can substitute your favorite yarn into most of them successfully. Just ensure that you match your yarn’s weight with the suggested yarn weight.

If you crochet, you can also view the complete collection of my crochet patterns on the next page.

Free Knitting Patterns

Deluxe Knitting Patterns