Seed Stitch Washcloth, Free Knitting Pattern

Seed Stitch Washcloth Free Knitting Pattern

A design by Liz @PurlsAndPixels

This easy and quick seed stitch washcloth knitting pattern lets you learn the seed stitch. Plus, using these handmade washcloths feels so much better than store bought cloths. The 100% cotton yarn makes them both absorbent and exfoliating. A bundle of these in pretty colors might make a nice baby shower gift or housewarming present.

Seed stitch knit washcloth, free knitting pattern by PurlsAndPixels

How this Seed Stitch Washcloth is Made

The seed stitch is a very simple knitting pattern that can be easily made by alternating knit and purl stitches in the pattern below.



  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • ** = repeat the pattern between the asterisks

GaugeSeed stitch knit washcloth, free knitting pattern by PurlsAndPixels

20 stitches and 30 rows in seed stitch = 4 inches by 4 inches square


Row 1: Cast on 40 stitches. Turn.

Row 2: *k, p* x 20 (40 stitches).

Row 3: *p, k* x 20 (40 stitches).

Repeat rows 2 and 3 28 more times (60 rows total) or until piece measures 8 inches square.

Bind off and weave in ends. Block if desired.

Printable version of this free knitting pattern


Print the PDF version of this Seed Stitch Washcloth Free Knitting Pattern.


Size Notes

This washcloth will be an 8-inch by 8-inch square.


If you use the materials called for in the pattern, your final product will be machine washable. To keep your seed stitch washcloth looking its best, hand wash or machine wash separately on delicate cycle in cold water. You may tumble dry on low heat.

©2016, Liz Chandler of PurlsAndPixels. This pattern is for personal use, gifting, and charitable donation of completed items. You may also sell items made using this pattern. Do not copy and sell the pattern or use it for any commercial purpose. Thank you!

Seed Stitch Washcloth, Free knitting pattern for beginners using 100% cotton yarn, from Liz @PurlsAndPixels



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