Mickey’s Birthday Cake, Inspired by Disney Jr. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey’s Birthday Cake

A Do-It-Yourself Guide from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

When my little one turned 2, he was completely obsessed with Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Club House. So, of course, I decided to throw him a Mickey themed birthday party. The most important part of the party was his mickey cake. Mickey Mouse has a birthday in one of the episodes, and his cake is a yellow and red Mickey head. I tried to mimic this cake, and here is how I did it.
Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake as seen on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

How to Make Mickey’s Birthday Cake


First things first, you will need three round cake pans to make Mickey’s Birthday Cake. One should be 8 inches and two should be 4 inches. I used two sets of these pans for my cake:

Wilton Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set

This will be a two layer cake. The 8 inch pan will make Mickey’s face, and the 4 inch pans will be his ears.


I used my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe for this cake. It comes from Hershey Kitchens and you can get the full recipe and see other people’s reviews of it here. I love this chocolate cake because it is extremely moist and fluffy. It has the consistency of a box mix cake, but the flavor of homemade. Love it!

If you already have a favorite cake recipe, use it. This Mickey cake is all about the cake’s shape, so as long as your recipe can be baked into round layer cake pans, you can use any flavor or recipe you desire.

You’ll need to make a double batch of cake. So, either double your cake recipe, or make the cake twice. I made the cake twice, since my mixer just won’t hold two batches worth of ingredients. And, since my oven isn’t enormous, I was worried all the cakes wouldn’t fit at the same time.

How to Make the Mickey Cake ShapeMickey's Birthday Cake as seen on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, how to DIY guide by Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Make sure your grease your cake pans well before you start. I used Pam Olive Oil cooking spray.

For the first set of cakes, divide your batter between one 8-inch cake pan and two 4-inch cake pans. Put a little more than half of the cake batter into the 8-inch pan, and divide the rest between the two 4-inch pans. Don’t overfill the pans or you’ll have spillage during baking.

Bake as directed in the cake recipe you are following.

While these three cakes are cooling on wire racks, repeat this process. So, make another batch of cake and divide it among an 8-inch pan and two 4 inch pans. Bake and cool these cakes as well.

Once your cakes are cool, you can stack them and decorate.

Decorating Mickey’s Birthday Cake

Stack the cakes

First, frost one of the 8-inch cakes with a filling or frosting of your choice. I used chocolate frosting, but this is where you can get creative with flavor.

Carefully stack the second 8-inch cake on top of the first.

Place two of the 4 inch cakes so they make Mickey’s ears. Frost them with your filling frosting, then stack the other 4 inch cakes on top. You should now have a two layer cake that looks like mickey.

Frost your cake

You’ll need two batches of vanilla frosting – or two cans if you use store bought like I did. Dye one can of the frosting with a generous amount of yellow food coloring. I used Lemon Yellow from the Wilton icing color set.

Dye the other can of frosting red, and put it into a piping bag with an “open star” style tip.

Frost the cake yellow, as smoothly as you can. Then pipe red along the top outside of the Mickey shape, then around the bottom of the cake.

All done! Hip Hip Hooray!

How to make Mickey's Birthday Cake from Disney JuniorMickey Mouse Clubhouse, guide from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Did you try making a Mickey’s birthday cake for your little one? Let me know how it turned out. Comment below or share pictures with #PurlsAndPixels on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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