DIY Learn to Knit Gift Set for Beginner Knitters

DIY Learn to Knit Gift Set

A do-it-yourself gift idea from Liz @ PurlsAndPixels

Quick DIY gift set - learn to knit gift basket - guide from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Do you have a friend or family member who often says, “I wish I knew how to knit”? Here is a quick, cost effective, and thoughtful DIY gift set ideaDIY learn to knit gift set. For a birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, holiday, or just as a “thinking of you” gift, you can assemble a DIY learn to knit gift set.

Expectant and new mothers also tend to enjoy learning to knit, so this would make a creative and unique baby shower gift.

I’ll list everything you should include with links to Amazon, where you can purchase the pieces. Most of these items can be purchased at your local craft or big-box retail stores, as well.



DIY learn to knit gift set, Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarnI’ve picked out my favorite yarn brand for beginners (Caron Simply Soft). This is an acrylic yarn that is super soft and machine washable. However, if you’d rather go a more eco-friendly route, choose a ball or two of Paton’s wool (wool is biodegradable, acrylic isn’t).

If you choose a different brand of yarn, that’s great; just make sure DIY learn to knit gift set Patons Classic Woolthe yarn you choose is labeled “worsted weight.” This refers to the thickness of the yarn, and it will be important for your aspiring knitter to have the right size yarn. Choose any color you think your aspiring knitter would love. One or two balls of yarn will be plenty for a starter kit.


Knitting needles

There are a lot of kinds of knitting needles, and it can be conDIY learn to knit gift set, circular knitting needlesfusing to decide among them. When I teach knitting, I suggest students use:

Clover Bamboo Circular 24 inch long, US Size 8 (5mm) Knitting Needles

These are “circular” knitting needles; do not be surprised when they don’t look like the “normal” knitting needles. Some knitting needles are straight and look like chopsticks. These needles are two sticks on a cord. You can knit more things with circular needles, so I suggest them because they are so versatile.


Sharp “sewing” scissors

Most people already have a pair of scissors, but very sharp sewing scissors are almost essential for a knitter’s DIY learn to knit gift set, craft scissorscraft box. Yarn will fray and split if it is cut with scissors that are too dull for the job. Sewing scissors are extra sharp. If you are making this gift for a younger child knitter, you may want to leave the scissors out of the gift package.


Tapestry needles

DIY learn to knit gift set, tapestry needlesTechnically, your knitter will only need one of these to get started, but tapestry needles typically come in a six pack. The extra needles will come in handy over time. If you are making more than one kit at a time, you can split the package up. Your knitter will need a tapestry needle to sew loose ends of yarn into her or his work.


Gift card linking to my free learn to knit tutorial

Make sure you include a gift card with your kit that gives your aspiring knitter directions on how to get started. Provide the link to my free ten-step knitting tutorial with your DIY learn to knit gift set and they’ll be able to try knitting right away. The image below can be printed on pretty pape rand cut out to a 4 inch by 6 inch post card or folded gift card. Click the images below to open a printable PDF for either a white or blue background on your gift card. I suggest printing on brown cardstock (for the white background card) or white cardstock (for the blue background card). Next, write your own gift message on the card. Now you have gathered all the pieces for your gift set, and you are ready to wrap it up.

Knitting Gift Set DIY guide & printable gift card from Liz @PurlsAndPixels Knitting Gift Set DIY guide & printable gift card from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Gift wrap with a useful storage box

Once you acquire all of the pieces, arrange them in a pretty gift box, tote bag, or decorative storage bin. I prefer to use a decorative photo storage box. I find a ball of yarn fits in a photo box perfectly, it usually has a place to label the box, and they stack nicely for storage. I’ve made Amazon idea lists with suggestions for bags, boxes and bins, or you can find a cute box or bag at your local retail store.
photo storage box on amazonknitting is a hoot totestorage bin






Top the box, bag, or bin with a bow, and your DIY learn to knit gift set is ready for gift-giving.

DIY learn to knit gift box checklist

Did you get it all? Let’s double check:DIY learn to knit gift set with knitting materials for beginners

Learn to knit gift set, DIY gift idea from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

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