World of Warcraft Horde Symbol Hat, Free Knitting Chart

World of Warcraft Horde Symbol Knit Hat

A Free Knitting Chart from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Yesterday I was taken a bit off task from my mitten design to make a World of Warcraft Horde Symbol knit hat. It is no secret that my husband, Hermit_theCrab, loves video games, so of course he was playing the new release of Legion. He dared me to see if I could make a hat with the Horde symbol, so I gave it a go. I got a little red and a little black yarn and set to work. Before I knew it I was all done knitting this hat. Here’s how my World of Warcraft Horde symbol knitting turned out:World of Warcraft Horde Symbol Knit Hat. Free knitting chart from PurlsAndPixels.

How I made a World of Warcraft Horde Symbol Knit Hat

Horde symbol knitting chart inspired by World of Warcraft, by PurlsAndPixelsFirst, I charted out the Horde symbol so that I could make the shape with individual knitting stitches. I included two diamonds with the Horde symbol to make the knitting more practical (it is hard to carry the red yarn over a large field of black). I also added a fair isle border to make the hat a little more interesting. Then, I used the adult XL size of my favorite basic knit hat pattern, and did a bit of math. Five of the individual horde symbols fit onto the adult XL size hat. I simply replaced the solid color rows in the hat pattern with the Horde symbol knitting chart.

Free knitting chart, World of Warcraft Horde Symbol

I thought it would be nice to share my knitting chart for the World of Warcraft Horde symbol, so you can knit your own Horde fan art. Even though I put it on a hat, you could use this chart for lots of knitted items, and even as an embroidery chart. Try adding the design to hats, socks, sweaters, or mittens. You can make all sorts of gifts and gear for all the the World of Warcraft players among your friends and family. Happy crafting!


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