Knitting Materials, Choosing Yarn & Needles for Beginners

Learn about choosing your first knitting materials in this lesson with Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels.

Gather Your Knitting Materials

Before you can start knitting, you will need to collect a few things. Naturally, you will have to pick out yarn and knitting needles. There are also several small tools you will want to have available when making most projects, including scissors, darning needles, and stitch markers. Find a complete supply list of beginner knitting materials at the end of this page, or read about how to pick out your supplies in the individual lessons below.


Learn how to choose yarn for beginner knitters in this knitting lesson from Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels.

Of course, you will need yarn for your knitting project. This lesson will teach you about “yarn weight” and yarn materials. Then, you will be able to choose the correct yarn for your knitting project. Read more about choosing yarn for knitting here.

Knitting Needles

Learn how to choose knitting needles for beginners in this knitting lesson from Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels.

Next, you will need a set of knitting needles. This lesson will teach you about knitting needle types and sizes. Then it will help you select a great set of beginner knitting needles. Read about choosing knitting needles here.

Knitting Tools

Learn to choose beginner knitting materials in this lesson with Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels.

Finally, you will need a few odds and ends to get started. In your knitting tool bag, you will need at least sewing scissors and a darning needle to get started. Later, you will want to pick up stitch holders and stitch markers. Read about the knitting tools you might need as a beginner here.

Materials for Your First Knitting Project

In most knitting patterns, you will see a “materials” section, which lists the specific tools you will need to make each project. When in doubt about what yarn or tools to get, always check your pattern for a supply list.

Supplies to Knit a Face Scrubby

If you follow along with my Learn to Knit Guide, you will start by learning to knit a Beginner Face Scrubby. Before you can cast on your first stitches, you will need to pick up the supplies below. You can order them through Amazon with the Affiliate links below, or pick them up at your local shop.

Supplies to Knit a Scarf

If you want to invest a little more time in your first knitting project, a Beginner Knit Scarf is made in the same way as a Face Scrubby, but it is larger. If you’d rather start learning to knit with a scarf, you will need the following supplies (Amazon affiliate links below):

DIY gift idea for the aspiring knitter

Quick DIY gift set - learn to knit gift basket - guide from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Know someone who wants to learn to knit? Make them a homemade do-it-yourself gift. Gather the knitting materials listed above in a pretty box or bag to make a learn-to-knit gift-set. They will be happily knitting away in no time! Get a printable gift card and read more about how to make a learn to knit box for a gift here.

Learn how to pick out your first knitting supplies in this lesson with Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels.

Up Next

Learn to make a slip knot then put it on a knitting needle, a knitting lesson from Liz @PurlsAndPixels.

Once you’ve picked up your knitting supplies, you can start learning to knit! The first step is to make a “slipknot” in your yarn. The next lesson will show you how.

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