The Calm Before the Snowstorm: Preparing in Colorado’s Fickle Weather

Snowstorm Prep in Southwest Colorado

by Liz Chandler

Ah, the weather in Colorado – as changeable as a toddler’s mood swings. We all know that fleeting moment of warmth just before a snowstorm hits. It’s like nature’s way of saying, “Here’s a quick taste of spring before I dump more snow on you!” In that brief respite, it’s time to get your game face on and snowstorm prep.

Preparing for the Incoming Snowstorm

The Calm Before the Snowstorm: Preparing in Colorado's Fickle Weather by Liz Chandler

Picture this: The sun’s out, the snow’s melting, and I’m doing a mad dash around the yard. Garden tools left out? Check. Animals comfy in their shelters? Check. Buildings ready to face the snowy wrath? Check, check, check. Because in Colorado, you’ve got to seize the moment!

Animals and Outbuildings

Sure you can refill the chicken feed tomorrow. They’ve got a little left. But do you really want to hike out there in a foot of snow? I sure don’t, so I make sure to top off the hens’ feeders and waterers when it is warm and beautiful. The girls are happy, I’m happy. It is a win-win!

Colorado snowstorm prep tip: refill the chicken feeders on the warm day before most storms.

Tools and Toys

Colorado snowstorm prep tip: make sure your snowplow and other equipment are in working order and accessible.

An essential tip for preparing for Colorado snowstorms is to meticulously check and ensure the functionality of your snowplow and other winter equipment. Confirm that the snowplow is in optimal working condition, with all components thoroughly inspected and any necessary repairs addressed. Additionally, it is crucial to guarantee that the equipment is easily accessible when the need arises. A well-maintained and readily available snowplow can significantly streamline the process of clearing driveways and pathways, contributing to a more efficient and stress-free response to the winter weather challenges that often grace the Colorado landscape.

Colorado snow prep tip: put the wheel barrow and other garden tools away before it snows.

Another crucial tip for preparing for Colorado snowstorms involves taking advantage of the fleeting warm days: make it a priority to pick up outdoor toys and tools. These items left scattered in the yard may soon find themselves buried under a blanket of snow, complicating cleanup and potentially causing damage. By seizing the opportunity to tidy up during those brief spells of milder weather, you ensure a smoother transition into the snowy days ahead, saving both time and effort in the long run.

Colorado snowstorm prep tip: pick up toys and tools on warm days or they'll get buried in the snow.

Finish Shoveling

Colorado Snowstorm prep tip: Finish shoveling icy spots as soon as they thaw or you'll get more snow on top and they will be stuck all winter.

Alright, fellow winter warriors, here’s a snow survival nugget: treat icy spots like ninja snow – quick and sneaky! The game plan? Finish shoveling those frosty troublemakers as soon as they thaw. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say we want to avoid a winter-long staring contest with stubborn ice patches. If you procrastinate, they might just call in more snow reinforcements and set up camp for the entire season. So, grab your shovel, channel your inner snow superhero, and let’s keep our winter pathways drama-free and slip-proof!

Embracing Indoor Activities: Knitting During Snowstorms

Knitting Journal: Winter Wonderland by Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels.

As soon as the snowflakes commence their enchanting dance, it’s officially knitting o’clock! Believe me, it’s the ideal way to embrace the storm. The needles go clickety-clack, and in the blink of an eye, I transform into a crafting maestro in the midst of a winter wonderland.

Saluting the Quirks of Colorado Weather

Ah, Colorado – where the weather keeps us on our toes! That last sunny hurrah before a snowstorm? It’s our reminder to prep smart and savor every twist and turn. So, here’s to our ever-surprising skies and the quirky rituals that make our snowy days a tad cozier.

Hey, how do you snowstorm prep in Colorado’s yo-yo weather? Share your tips for embracing the unexpected or let me know your secret weather-predicting weapon. WeatherBug, anyone?

Colorado snowstorm prep.

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