The Knitting Garden: Seedling Repotting

Plant Growth Spurts and Repotting Shenanigans

Hope this update finds you in good spirits! Hold onto your knitting needles because it’s time for a report on the wild antics of my New Year’s Day seedlings, starring the one and only seedling repotting extravaganza. It has been two months now and my little baby plants have outgrown their first pots.

Learn to repot seedlings with Liz Chandler @ PurlsAndPixels

Apple Seedlings

Take the apple seedlings, for instance. These mischievous little sprouts are tossing leaves and shoots around like they’ve discovered the secret to a plant rave. Their repotting makeover has transformed them into the life of the botanical party. I’m envisioning a future of bountiful apple harvests, providing both sustenance and ample inspiration for my knitting escapades.

Artichoke Seedlings

And then there are the artichokes, living their best lives in upgraded accommodations. With newfound space, they’re flaunting extravagant leaf unfurling ceremonies. It’s like they’re rehearsing for a vegetable beauty pageant, and I’m eagerly awaiting the day they’re crowned the queens of my knitting garden.

Pepperoncini Seedlings

In the realm of pepperoncini, things are heating up – quite literally. These VIP-treated pepper plants are flexing their green leaves and budding peppers with an extra dose of sass. I anticipate them adding some serious heat to my meals, perhaps even delivering a spicy stand-up comedy routine on the side.

Indoor Tomato Plant

And as for my indoor tomato houseplant I started last fall? It has a green tomato to boast about! Picture this tomato strutting its stuff, declaring, “Look what I can do!” Who knew repotting could turn a tomato into a superstar?

As I navigate the unpredictable world of repotted seedlings, it’s clear that New Year’s Day was just the opening act for a dramatic comedy of plant proportions. Stay tuned for more laughs and updates as we continue this horticultural stand-up routine. Here’s to a year filled with knitting, gardening, and the joy of watching our repotted seedlings steal the show!

Repotting Seedlings 101: Time to Give the Plants a New Home

Now that we’ve had our share of laughs with the sprightly seedlings, let’s delve into the not-so-serious, but very important, matter of repotting these green comrades. Because, let’s face it, even plants need a change of scenery every once in a while!

Step 1: Choose the Right Pot

Think of it as matchmaking for your plants. Find a pot that’s just the right size – not too big, not too small. You don’t want your seedlings feeling like they’re in a mansion or stuck in a studio apartment. Goldilocks would be proud.

Choose a pot that is just a bit bigger than your seedling when repotting. Choose a pot that is just a bit bigger than your seedling when repotting. This ensures your plants stay happy.

Step 2: Mind the Roots

When you are working on seedling repotting, make sure to be careful with the delicate roots. It’s like giving your plants a spa day. Gently loosen the roots from their cozy starter pot. Don’t be too harsh; remember, it’s a delicate operation, not a wrestling match. We’re aiming for happy, not traumatized.

Seedling repotting with Liz Chandler @PurlsAndPixels

Step 3: Fresh Soil, Fresh Start

Think of this as a plant vacation – new soil, new adventures. Choose a nutrient-rich mix to give your green buddies the best start in their upgraded homes. Maybe throw on a little “Welcome to the Jungle” soundtrack for added flair.

A little pro top for those soil bags….

When opening your soil bag, don’t cut horizontally at the top. Instead cut a vertical silt down from the top. You’ll be able to tie the top of the bag closed when your done. No more spilling dirt all over the place!

Open your potting soil with a vertical silt so you'll be able to close it more easily when you are done. Open your potting soil with a vertical silt so you'll be able to close it more easily when you are done. Tie a cute little bow and no more soil spills!

Step 4: Water with a Sprinkle, Not a Flood

Plants appreciate a good drink, but let’s not turn this into a water park comedy. Be mindful not to overflow their new digs; a gentle sprinkle will do. Imagine it’s a sophisticated tea party for your seedlings, not a wild pool party.

Water newly repotted seedlings, but be gentle; you don't want to drown or hurt the delicate plants.

Step 5: Sunlight Serenade

Just like us, plants need their daily dose of Vitamin D. Place them in a spot where they can bask in the sunlight, not in a dark comedy corner. Let them soak up the rays, and watch them flourish like little botanical superstars.

Repot your seedlings if it is too early to put them outside, but they are getting too big for their starter pots.

And there you have it – the not-so-serious guide for seedling repotting. Remember, it’s all about creating a pleasant environment where your green friends (and you) can thrive. Happy repotting, and may your plants enjoy their new homes!

Stay tuned, because now that there are some open starter pots, I’ll be trying to grow Celery for the first time this year… It should be an interesting project!

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