Printable “From Santa” Gift Tags for Christmas, a Free DIY project

Printable “From Santa” Gift Tags for Christmas

A Free DIY project from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

Free printable "from Santa" gift tags from PurlsAndPixels It turns out that Santa doesn’t always remember to put tags on the presents he brings. Printable "from Santa" gift tags from PurlsAndPixelsI needed some gift tags for my presents this year, so I made up this sheet of printable “from Santa” gift tags for Christmas. If you need some gift tags for your little one’s presents, you are welcome to use mine. Below is a link to my Word document file of printable “from Santa” gift tags. Download it, add your child’s name, print, and cut out for a quick and free DIY project.

Download little “from Santa” gift tags, free from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

How to add your child’s name

With the little “from Santa” gift tags file open in Microsoft Word, open the find and replace tool.

Type “Name” in the “Find what” field. Type your child’s name in the “Replace with” field.

Click “Replace all.”

How to use the replace tool in Microsoft Word to change names on gift tags

Print your From Santa Gift Tags

Free customizable printable gift tags from Liz @PurlsAndPixelsPrint on the best quality setting your printer allows. Try printing on different kinds of paper to mix up the look. If you use basic white printer paper, try cutting out a slightly larger square of colored paper or gift wrap and place it behind the label. These labels look so festive and bright.

Or, print on a natural brown colored craft paper made for printers, like I did, to get a more rustic on to your Santa Gift tags.

Cut Out your Christmas Gift Labels

These labels are smaller and will print so that you can cut them into 1.25 inch squares. Try using a paper cutter or a square paper punch to help make sure the labels come out perfectly square. Attach the labels to your gifts with a small bit of tape, and you are all done!

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Free printable "from Santa" gift tags for Christmas from Liz @PurlsAndPixels

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