Yard Sale Signs

So, I held my very first yard sale today! Well, actually it was a garage sale, since it was inside the garage. Whatever you call it, selling your stuff can sometimes be necessary. Whether you’re trying to clean out old clutter from around the house or working to get a little extra cash, a yard sale or garage sale is a great way to go.

yard sale signs

For my yard sale, I had quite a lot of adult and baby clothing. Rather than tagging each outfit individually (since we had a lot), I made up some signs to help with the sale. I put all the baby clothes in bins by size and put the corresponding sign on the bin. For the adult clothes, I made yard-salea generic sign, which says all clothes are $2 unless otherwise marked. We also had a credit card reader so that I could take payments through Amazon, so I made up a couple of signs saying so as well. I’m sharing a free downloadable copy of my yard sale signs so that you can print your own signs for your garage sale. These are in Word format so you can edit the details yourself.

Click the links below do download the word documents. Good luck with your yard sale!

Baby boy clothes yard sale signs 

Adult clothes yard sale signs 

Yard sale signs: We can process credit cards 

P.S. If these look funny in Microsoft Word, click “enable editing” when asked. This should put the words back on the pictures. 🙂

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