PurlsAndPixels Jewelry: Shiny things to make you smile!

I make jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with adorable charms, pearls, and precious stones. My jewelry designs are tasteful and subdued, while still allowing you to make statement andLittle black pixel jewelry, dangle cube earrings on lever back hooks highlight your unique personality. I always try to include a touch of fantasy and whimsy in each of my jewelry pieces, as I hope to make you smile with each item. From dainty Cinderella slipper earrings to video-game inspired earrings that are suitable for everyday wear, I bet there is a bit of shiny fun in my store with your name on it. Take a peek below, and if anything perks your interest, each photo is a clickable link to a detailed Etsy listing in my shop. Enjoy!

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