Pixel Earrings, Gaming tech inspired earrings

Pixel Earrings

Handcrafted jewelry designed by PurlsAndPixels

Pixel earrings, minimalist digital computer gaming inspired jewelry by PurlsAndPixels
I am a big fan of technology and video games, so I was inspired to design some minimalist earrings for gamer girls. I wanted to create something that would allow the technology loving girl to wear a piece of her hobby anywhere. These tiny Swarovski crystal cubes remind me of the little black pixels that appear on your computer screen when it starts to go bad. I combined the little glass squares with dainty but sturdy sterling silver lever back earring hooks. This combination keeps the pixel earrings subdued and classy, while still allowing you to show of your personality.

These digital square earrings are handcrafted with extra-small square cut Swarovski crystals and sterling silver plated wires. The pixels are made of tiny 4mm Swarovski crystal beads. The sterling silver plated lever back ear wires slip into ear piercings and gently clamp shut.

The pixelated cube earrings are available in black (purple), aqua, and royal blue and can be purchased through either Amazon or Etsy.

Black Pixel EarringsBlack pixel earrings, computer video game inspired jewelry by PurlsAndPixels

The “black” pixel cube charms are a deep shade of purple and reflect shades of blue, green, gray, and purple depending on the lighting.

Order black / purple from my shop

Order black / purple on Amazon

Order black / purple on Etsy


Aqua pixel earrings, computer video game inspired jewelry by PurlsAndPixelsAqua Blue Pixel Earrings

The aqua pixel cube charms are a slightly opaque aquamarine blue color.

Order aqua blue from my shop

Order aqua blue on Amazon

Order aqua blue on Etsy


Royal blue pixel earrings, computer video game inspired jewelry by PurlsAndPixelsRoyal Blue Pixel Earrings

The “blue pixel” cube charms are a very shiny and reflective shade of royal blue.

Order royal blue from my shop

Order royal blue on Amazon

Order royal blue on Etsy


Gift for gamers and non-gamersPurlsAndPixels gift box for pixel earrings

These earrings will come packaged in a natural-colored gift box with bow.

A pair of pixelated earrings would make a fun gift for a gamer girl or technology lover. Video game streamers may especially love a set of these little pixel earrings, so they will have game themed jewelry to wear on live stream.

The aqua and royal blue pixels would make a unique “something blue” for a bride and her bridesmaids. Because they are so subdued the pixel cubes would be great for a traditional wedding or a nerd or tech themed wedding.

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