Hermit Crab Hat, Crochet animal ear flap hat

Hermit Crab Hat

A crochet animal hat by PurlsAndPixels

Meet the original Hermit the Crab hat. I’ve been making this amigurumi style hermit crab hat since I started crafting again and it is my most requested item. It is about time I write up a blog about this little guy so you know all about him.

Hermit crab hat, crochet animal earflap hat by PurlsAndPixels

Why the hermit crab hat was designed

The hermit crab hat was originally designed in 2013 to be the mascot hat of Hermit_theCrab gaming, an online, live television show about video games. This funny crab hat got so popular among Hermit’s viewers, that I opened my Etsy store to start selling them. I’ve designed this hat in all sizes, because this hermit crab hat looks great on everyone.

Hermit_theCrab‘s gaming fans aren’t the only ones who love it.

A crab hat for everyoneHermit crab hat, crochet animal costume hat by PurlsAndPixels

The little crab hat has been used as a newborn baby photo prop, and the little ones look adorable.

It makes a great Halloween costume; my favorite was the dad who wanted to dress like Sebastian the Crab, in a daddy-daughter Little Mermaid costume.

And Mr. Crab has taken several trips across the big pond to dance to Crabulon at Evil Scarecrow‘s heavy metal concerts.

Order or Make your Own

Want to order your own hermit crab hat? Get it here. Or if you want to make it yourself, you can find the easy to follow crochet pattern here.

Hermit Crab Hat and DIY Crochet Pattern from Liz at PurlsAndPixels


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